LOOKS IN THE FOREST - Francesca Besso

CASSIOPEA - Mirco Grotto

LITHOS - Ferruccio Laviani

ASSEMBLAGE - Cristina Celestino

DYNASTY - Carlo Colombo

NELLE NUVOLE - Pietro Russo

WILD FLOWER - Elena Borghi

LIVIAE HORTUS - Francesca Besso

NOISE - Jon Iubler

LIPS - Andrea Marcaccini

INTOLLERHANDY - Riccardo Zulato

OVERLAP - Valeria Zaltron

AGATHA - Alba Ferrari

BLACK HEARTED LOVE - Francesca Giordano

SAPHIR - Benedetta Simone

OPUS - Carlo Colombo

FLABELLI - Elena Salmistraro


A modern wallpaper has to combine design, practicality and materials. the distinctive trait of a wallpaper is to be a contemporary and custom-made element able to satisfy space, covering and design needs.


Londonart is all of this: we studied and created sartorial wallpaper, handcrafted works for an unmatched design product. Our brand’s identity is a combination of fashion, graphic elements and architecture; materials, fabrics, aesthetic and decoration match functional capacity for striking, outstanding and balanced results at the same time.

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