Nicola Bottegal

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Two white-leaved ginkgo trees mirror one another in this wallpaper. Venerated as a sacred tree because it was believed to protect against bad spirits and because it represented the symbol of the coincidence between opposites. For the Japanese it represents rebirth and the beauty of existence.

Product details

Raw is a vinyl wall covering with a non-woven backing. Suitable for interiors only (walls/ceilings), it has an embossed and irregular surface, similar to a painter’s canvas. Raw comes in 100-cm rolls in the requested height, is impact resistant and easy to maintain.

Non-woven fabric
(70% cellulose - 20% synthetic fibre - 8% additives),
100% PVC spread on the decorative side of which
4% flameproof components

Total weight (-/+):
360 g/m² ÷ 380 g/m²

Total thickness (-/+):
0,30 mm ÷ 0,34 mm

Fire reaction certification:
class B-s2, dO - USA Class A

Impact resistant Impact resistant
Washable Washable
Embossed surface Embossed surface
Application with glue Application with glue
Removable Removable