In the Città Studi district, in Milan, there is the TOILETPAPER house: calling it a house is more fitting because it is first of all a meeting place and because it is not the kind of office that we are used to think of when we talk about an office – far from it. In via Balzaretti 4, it stands out immediately for its recently painted facade with a faithful reproduction of one of the magazine’s iconic shots. In the atmosphere of a discreet Milan, TOILETPAPER’s home-office is a triumph of colours and creative inspiration; it is the never-ending dialogue between collaborations and partnerships that intertwine and complement one another, like in a large family that has a single common denominator – a genetic factor of belonging. The interiors are full of mirrors, armchairs, statues, Legos, fetishes, and products. Upon entering you immediately understand that it is a place where ideas flourish, ideas that become things, that recover objects and traditions by reinterpreting them with a new vision. The Londonart wallpapers from the Luxury Shit collection dress the walls, celebrating the collaboration between the two brands between snakes and spaghetti. And this is the result!
01TP 01
02TP 01
03TP 01
04TP 01
08TP 01