Riccardo Zulato

Born in Noventa Vicentina in July 1985, he attended the Technical Institute of Aeronautics in Vicenza. Multi-instrumentalist, with a punk nature, plays guitar, bass and saxophone. The eclectic and never predictable character makes him approach the world of illustrated art and design: in 2009 he obtains the diploma in Advertising Graphics with the highest marks. Subsequently he deepens his passion for fonts, printing press and screen printing at Marco Campedelli’s Studio in Sommacampagna, immediately immersed in the most practical area of work. In 2011 he crosses the road of Nicola Bottegal, founder of Londonart: the love for the figurative, the lettering, the illustration, the tattoo, his expertise in graphic advertising mixed with the world of home decor brings Zulato to print the first wallpaper and in 2012 the first catalogue of the newborn brand. Today, Riccardo Zulato takes care of the graphic design, the most peculiar projects, the press releases in newspapers and TV programmes, as well as the models for the brand’s new collections. The distinctly organized nature also leads him to interact with a team of external designer such as Laviani, Salmistraro, Castrignano, Gallizia, Colombo and others, up to the complete processing of the wallpapers and, last but not least,dealing with problem solving in the production phase.