Giuliano Andrea Dell'Uva

Giuliano Andrea dell’Uva, born in 1981, after graduating in architecture at the University of Naples Federico II, founded his studio Giuliano Andrea dell’Uva Architetti with headquarters in Naples. Giuliano Andrea dell’Uva designed projects all over the world, from Hong Kong to Milan, from Capri to Salento, all characterized by a refined design that is attentive to detail and to the tradition of the places that host the buildings. His hallmark comes from the ability to combine the taste for the traditional with that for the contemporary. His projects are published in national and international interior design magazines such as AD (Italy-China-Germany-Russia-France), Elle Decor (Italy-Spain-France-China-NL), Living Corriere della Sera, Vogue Living Australia DHD, Case&Stili, Cotè Sud, Maison Francaise-Home France, HOUSE & GARDEN, Interior (USA) Interior Design (USA), Living Argentina, Case da Abitare China.