Elena Borghi

Designs visions, grows words. Born in the midst of a summer storm immediately leaving her parents baffled; her father, a psychic and an inventor, when he first sees her, cries: “She looks like an asshole”. Her mother, Australian and grown up running barefoot through tobacco fields, is proud she still is one. As a child she fondly exercise the use of the words and spends hours making up stories and adventures, perched on a tree branch in her grandmother’s garden. At the age of nine, believing she had enough material, she begins to compose a collection of short stories with an old typewriter. Thanks to theater and opera, turning fifteen, she twigs she wants to become a scenographer. At present she is a freelancer scenographer, she designs and manufactures fittings for shop windows, exhibitions, events, interior design, advertising, photo shoots and any space which is hungry of ethereal presences. She draws on walls, on paper and on any possible surface where her black stroke can flow. From February till December 2012 she has been writing for Blogosfere, implementing her knowledge about the web. In January 2015, Logos edizioni decided to publish a monograph on her most significant papercraft works:“PAPER VISIONS”, for which Elena also provides the text.