A product of continuous exploration, the new wallpaper collection created by GIOPAGANI for Londonart is a reinterpretation of distinctive signs in an eclectic and imaginative stylistic language. The Daydreamer is a journey, a soundtrack resulting from a skilful mix of very different creative hemispheres. The subjects stand out for their personality, thanks to the intense fusion between the world of fashion and the world of art, with Eastern influences and references to the first experiments of pictorial avant-gardes. Pop accents, cinematographic representations, Japanese and geometric motifs from the 70s alternate in a sophisticated aesthetic journey.


This summer we are always open!

Londonart Showroom in Milan is Open

New schedule:

Tuesday - Friday: 2:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Saturday: 10:30 am - 6:30 pm

We suggest to make an appointment.

For informations: +39 02 2317 5856

or +39 3286259868,

or you can write us at milano@londonart.it.

Showroom Londonart Milano
The Daydreamer

Londonart has a new home, in Piazza San Marco 4, Milan.
The new showroom is an exhibition space full of memories, spread over several floors, located in the heart of Brera.
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Showroom Londonart Milano
Toiletpaper 2020

Piazza san Marco 4 - Brera Design District - Milano
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Techno Green

5 Luglio, 2019

Guarda, che mare!

28 Giugno, 2019

Reportage La Maison France 5

François Trinh-Duc, joueur de rugby bien connu, nous ouvre aujourd’hui les portes de sa maison… Et si sa femme, Violaine, décoratrice, a orchestré la décoration et l’aménagement des lieux, François a lui aussi relevé les manches


Mas de La Poste


La petite décoratrice française