Abstract compositions, contemporary elements. Glimpses of art and absolute modernity. 


This presents elements of abstract art, with the juxtaposition of strong colours, tears, wallpaper and print art which recall a late twentieth century pop atmosphere. Collages which  share calligraphic elements, brushstrokes of intense tones, or watercolour strokes, with repetitive patterns, scratching and Old School  references. Modernity is a collection which combines a vast set of contemporary references  - optical, graffiti and vintage – with urban and sign art, in order to give an industrial and metropolitan touch to wall surfaces in any environment, with a large living or open space inspiration.  

The nuances of the Modernitycollection is composed of a range of colours from grey tones, metallic and material references to an explosion of vivid, bight tones, with intense shades of blue, red and ochre. These blend cleverly with prints and design elements, to create an abstract and profoundly artistic style.