Natural and processed materials to give a tactile and absolutely realistic effect.


Materic is the wallpaper series that recalls the material identity of wood, cement, metal and marble, but also includes paper and fabrics. In this way, the material covering wraps all around the mural surfaces, in areas which use all types of natural wood, with sections of trunks and varnished planks, but also red, white and turquoise bricks or very refined marble patterns, with pure white veins and luminous quartz, rough stones and aged majolica 

Materic is a collection that combines natural, realistic and 3D materials and effects, able to create an almost tangible mood and play on surfaces. The interior decor is imbued with a natural atmosphere and with artisan workmanship, where antiqued materials are used to create a mood which blends an urban feel with the refined and incredibly lifelike representation of natural elements, such as stone and wood.