Wallpaper lettering: fonts, inks, ideograms and prints for a contemporary solution.  


World alphabets, and characters; punctuation marks, handwriting and printing combinations; lettering is a fascinating motif, able to transform  itself into a quintessential decorative pattern. The combination of these different elements has led to the creation of a series of wallpapers which embrace the world of calligraphy, with oversize punctuation marks and combinations, with washed effects and numerical characters. 

The L3tt3r5 collection is composed of scratching and ink marks, printed and stamped motifs , combining vintage characters to small details of natural elements with romantic combinations of free hand designs and calligraphy, or becoming elements for creating industrial atmospheres. Or again, it uses barcodes, Dadaist-influenced lettering of a metropolitan inspiration, for a contemporary wallpaper solution  which is inspired by one of the 
best-loved themes in the world of design.