Natural Patterns: flora, leaves, trees, exotic animals and distant horizons. 


Light vapours, soft orchids, tender cherry blossom, bamboos and climbers, English roses, lilies and bouquets, wildflowers in a gentle light blue haze. It will be like going into a garden in flower.  Carpets of dry leaves, in amber and red tones,  but also transparency and overlapping which creates part of the decor, slipping into an authentic autumn panorama, or transforming itself into structured, geometrical patterns.  Butterflies, humming birds, sinuous carp and fish, elephants, pink flamingos, giraffes, toucans in enchanted forests: a corolla or carioca of motifs linked to oriental worlds. Bright colours on pastel backgrounds and antiqued tones, at times in graded shades to give original and harmonious nuances.


(H)earth Beat combines romantic moods with a Victorian feel, with illustrations and fractal geometries on unusual backgrounds, such as stone and pixels, to produce a striking, contemporary design. Perfect for large wall spaces or for other uses, to recreate unique bouquets in any environment.