Classicism as an element of the decor:  arabesques, marbles and damasks; highly decorative details of yesteryear.  


Motifs, friezes, frescoes and boiserie, classical decorations for surface design with a harmonious impact: a set of antiqued, euphonic tones, which range from neutral, almost imperceptible nuances, perfect for decorating with a touch which is both retro and modern, to free-hand, vividly-coloured patterns and motifs, kaleidoscopes, semi-tactile decorations and antique materials, such as marbles, arabesques and stable geometries, ceramics and damask fabrics and highly decorative details, such as mirrors, portraits and bas-reliefs. 

This range is the fruit of precise research on classical motifs, engravings and re-worked philological repetitions of themes such as Chippendale, in an English or French mood, in order to give an almost tangible, material and visual  experience, able to combine even modern environments with 
classical-flavour details, rich with authentic architectonic elements,   through the decorative ability of the wallpaper.