Collection 18

With its solid colors, flower patterns, geometrical rigor and silhouettes, but also its faces, satellites and icons, the 2018 Londonart collection is a journey through matter and vibrations, with its final immersion in the infinite atoms of the purest and most rare inspirations. Enjoy the graphic references that have no fixed points - a hymn to the introspection of the elements, in their infinite facets and in their powerful stories of deep roots, which are so anchored to the figurative world and transposed into the infinite possibilities of symmetries and trompe-l’oeil, in swirling sequences. Its moods are extremely modern, nostalgically romantic and always deeply authentic, expressive and vital.

Urban linearity, daily city affiliations, deco inspirations, living flora, dramatic and profound touches. Plain colors, patterns and perimeters that embrace vintage and melodramatic atmospheres in a surprising three-dimensional effect. But also colors typical of wood and its warmth, which blend in the elegant atmospheres of nature and saturated with geometries. Gentle waves and ductile textures blend in pastel nuances laden with softness, but there are also robust evergreen graphics, revisited in their expressiveness, which are able to speak of an ancient, atavistic and symbolist atmosphere, even if they are of a totally contemporary graphic inspiration. A continuum of facets that is part of Iris’s floral inspirations, wisteria cascades and grand still lifes - all vaporous, Victorian and ethereal. From suggestive softness for the eyes, to geometric extremes, which can astound and leave their own unique mark. Optical effects, rays, colors that become noises, engravings, collages and sets of ultra-contemporary elements that create a fantastic setting. Here, there is total immersion in art - from classicism to dada - creating magical plays of light and facets that follow one another, from the intensity of the most saturated and pure colors to the neon and the total luminescence of the living spaces. Get lost in a universe of inspirations, find yourself in a room - your own, the one you love most - admiring daily the perfection of wavy lines and straight lines, saturated materials and vivid backgrounds which are able to create ultra personal shows.

This Wallpaper collection 2018 combines the sartorial quality of the raw materials used to produce Londonart wallpapers, with unique and exclusive designs created by the best Italian and international designers, architects and artists. Here, you will find moods and styles that accompany different ways of expressing interior design, combined with the technical and perceptual perfection of Londonart products, for a totally personal experience, which is absolutely exclusive in every detail.